Just think in Mobile Security

We are a company that focuses on the business of mobile applications, their environment and the information that travels through them.

We provide professional services to companies, reducing the risk of attack to your Mobile Applications, Web Services and API backend.

  • Why analyze your applications?

    Between June 2017 and June 2019, according to COMSCORE, the amount of minutes spent online in mobile applications increased by 43%, only in the U.S.. We interact on a daily basis with mobile applications and due to this increase, their security is essential.

    Reduce the risk of information leakage by contacting us (+)

  • Why analyze your Web Services and API Backend?

    The transfer of information made by your applications is very important. Therefore, we help you mitigate the vulnerabilities and security risks associated with your Web Servers and API Backend (+)

  • Why train your teams?

    Training teams is something really important, since it allows better prepared teams, with greater knowledge about their functions, modernizing, improving skills and behaviors for the whole group.

    It creates individuals who are more assertive and self-confident when performing their tasks, being directly translated into personal and team satisfaction, performance and fundamentally reducing the attack surface (+)

Companies that trust us
Professional Services
Mobile Application Security Assessment

Based on OWASP methodologies and on the experience of our consultants. We analyze your mobile applications (Android/iOS) in search of potential vulnerabilities, associated with the application development stage (+)

Analysis of Web Services and API Backend

We are aware of the sensitive information of our clients, and therefore we understand the need to protect and safeguard the transfer of information made by mobile applications (+)

Bypassing Android Anti Emulation

Find out how to bypass Anti Emulation protection on Android (+)

First steps with Frida

Find out, what is Frida and how can it be used to analyze mobile applications? (+)

First steps using R2

Find out what R2 is and how it can be used to analyze mobile applications? (+)

Bypassing Certificate Pinning Android/iOS

How to avoid binary protection of Certificate Pinning on Android & iOS devices? (+)

Methodologies OWASP

Learn what are some of the methodological documents generated by the OWASP community: MASVS, MSTG, Checklist and more! (+)


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